Eyelashes That Are….Magnetic!

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I was  super excited when the magnetic lashes came out! When I had first heard about them, I initially thought it sounded a bit too good to be true, but after reading reviews I became more intrigued.

As a professional lash artist like myself, your immediate reaction might be…why on earth are you telling people about this, won’t you lose customers?!?

And as a lash extension client,  you might be tempted to say…Yes – I’ve found the next best thing, farewell dearest infills!

Perhaps both of your reactions would be right, and my honest opinion is, I think that they are a genius invention; Think about it, you can throw out the glue, and the time it takes to try to make a lash strip look natural.

Is that really enough to create a demand?

These were Patti’s lashes before we applied the magnetic lashes…a naturally full set that was applied before her four week cruise.

Applying the lashes was rather simple. They have a red dot to indicate which lash goes on the bottom. I really didn’t need to give Patti much help at all.

The thickness of the lash is towards the outside. As you can see, there is a slight contrast between the volume of the outer corner vs. the inside of the eye.

It is not so obvious when you have existing semi-permanent eyelash extensions on. However, it might be a bit of an unrealistic contrast, if you were to put them on “naked” eyelashes.

As you can see, the lashes add more drama to the outside corners of the eyes…a wonderful natural looking option when you can’t do a regular infill.


  • No glue = no mess
  • No long term commitment
  • Instant Eye Definition
  • Reusable


  • Shipping can take up to five weeks, which shows they’re in demand
  • You might need a little practice so don’t give up on your first attempt
  • They are not semi permanent and can move around by the end of the day
  • If you are looking for a modest enhancement you may feel they look too obvious

Do  Press On Nails replace your regular set of gel nails or acrylics?

Does the Ped Egg replace an awesome pedicure?

Not at all!

Sooo, what’s my overall verdict???

In a nutshell, I don’t think these will ever replace the seamless customized look of  semi permanent lashes, because you are also able to see the line when you look close up, since there is a distinctive difference in the lash texture between the natural lash and the magnetic lash.

Needless to say, I do think they make for a perfect option when you can’t get to your professional lash artist. Additionally, you still need to apply them and some people may  actually find it a little difficult.

Sometimes a contrast in something can be as vast as comparing apples to oranges, but I think in the case of magnetic lashes vs. semi permanent lashes, it might be more like comparing a granny smith apple to a golden delicious apple…they are indeed quite similar, but definitely not the same.

The price is about $69.00 and can be purchased online here. For additional reviews click here.

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