Lash extensions ~ As Diverse as the Ladies that wear them!

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I’ve always felt a sense of satisfaction being an Esthetician because it offers me the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele.  It keeps me appreciative of the needs and wants of the individual, as “I walk into their world and their version of beauty”.  Needless to say, when a client shows me a picture of a look they want, I still have to make sure it’s going to look flattering on them.

It’s not uncommon for a client to point at a picture and tell me they want the same bold lash look – then when it’s done, they’ll say that it looks “too much” on them. This is the beauty of having to make what I call an “EOE” (Estheticians Executive order)!  After all, as a professional, I need to use a little discernment, and determine if the look they’re seeking to emulate from the picture, will in fact complement them, while still taking into consideration that the client is the boss!! 😉

So with all that being said, why am I mentioning this? Well it’s because in my experience I have learned, one size never fits all, which is also something I truly enjoy about my job, because it is constantly versatile and never monotonous.

I remember when I first started doing lash extensions, a journey that started back over 13 years ago. Back then there were a lot less options available….the last few years however, there has been so much evolution, and things are continually changing. I recall how traumatized legit lash pros were when they saw lashes that looked a million times thicker than the natural lash.

There was the evolution on the Volume lashes, the Slighter, 2D/3D Y lashes, Silk/Mink lashes, Premade Fan 3D/4D/5D/6D lashes, Ellipse Flat lashes, Camellia lashes, Cashmere lashes, Rainbow lashes, Mix Curves in one row lashes, the latest R&D 0.125mm lashes and so on, and so on, and so on….quite frankly the list seems endless.

However, the industry is just so clever right now, and I will admit, I am fascinated that it’s no longer necessary to turn down clients due to lash integrity. Thankfully, I can now offer various lash extensions without any natural lash breakage….and let me tell you, if you think my clients are impressed, to be honest, I am super excited every time I get to apply them!

I share this with you all, to show some everyday lash wearers the potential of experiencing some different thickness levels and looks.


This client started out with a lash lift you can see in the beginning pictures that her lashes are relatively naturally long – however she naturally has very straight lashes so she came in for a lash lift.  She then wanted more volume.

The final result looks flirty full, however she needed less lashes to create this flirty full finish.

These are some other examples of FLIRTY FULL


In this picture the client has a naturally full set of lashes added.

However she was able to have a more voluminous, yet natural looking finish because she already had a lash lift and also has relatively long lashes. Therefore, less lashes are needed to create more volume.

Why is it important to know this? Because when deciding the volume of lashes you want, it is also important to consider what you have going on with your natural lashes.


Flares are made of cluster like lashes, in which approximately 5 to 6 lashes lashes are applied to a few lashes at a time, so you get a very voluminous look in less time. They’re also non damaging, as they are applied professionally and it is recommended that clients follow professional instructions on how to remove them, to maintain the natural lash as best as possible.

Flares can take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to apply and last longer on people who already have a medium to long lash length.

Ultimately the final result will depend on your natural lash, because these lashes are applied to your natural lash.

Samantha Signature naturally full lashes have a seamless look where the glue is not detected….to achieve this natural look you can expect to spend approximately 1.5 to 2 hours laying down (as you relax and listen to soothing music).

Flirty Full will require more lashes added so remember the more lashes the longer your infill will take.

Your lash technician will always recommend the best set of extensions that factor in your desired look as well as your natural lash health.

Which lash look would you like to wear?

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